Shipwrecks of the Cunard Line

The first book dedicated to documenting and bringing to life the histories and sites of Cunard shipwrecks, and  provides a unique history and record of the final underwater resting places of ships of the Cunard Line, whose rich history spans nearly two centuries. The book charts the period from 1843-1974, and the authors provide a detailed history of each vessel leading up to the time of its loss, and includes the Ascania, Alaunia, Aurania, Campania, Lusitania, Malta, Oregon, Scotia, and Carpathia, famous for rescuing the survivors from the Titanic. Events surrounding the wrecking of each vessel are thoroughly explored and unique accounts are incorporated from divers who have explored the wreck, along with never-before-published underwater images of the wrecks. Finishing off with practical data for interested divers, this unusual history offers a fresh analysis of maritime history.

Published on the 01/03/2012 by The History Press Ltd

ISBN: 9780752465784