Pacific Avengers

The story of a Fleet Air Arm pilot's training and service with 857 squadron in the British Pacific Fleet

Pacific Avengers is a story about a Fleet Air Arm’s pilot training and service with 857 Squadron in the British Pacific Fleet.

The book is an account of ‘The Forgotten Fleet’ who, long after Britain had celebrated VE Day in May 1945, continued in deadly combat with the Japanese throughout the Pacific War.

It is also the personal story of Sub. Lt. (A) Geoffrey Eaton Wright, as told to  Mike Roussel over many long hours in conversation.

Geoffrey Eaton Wright joined the Royal Navy as an Ordinary Seaman in 1942 and was then encouraged by his Divisional Officer to transfer to the Fleet Air Arm to become a pilot. After initial training at HMS St Vincent, Portsmouth, Geoffrey passed out as an Acting Leading Naval Airman. He then travelled to the USA for his Primary and Advanced flight training given by instructors from the United States Navy.

After intensive flight training in the USA, he returned with 857 Squadron to the UK for final training  before sailing with his squadron to join the British Pacific Fleet to support the USA in the Pacific.

Published  by Little Knoll Press 2015

ISBN 9780992722074